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When it comes to luxury outdoor living, there’s no better choice than us. We are licensed and insured, highly-skilled outdoor living contractors dedicated to giving our customers more reasons to love their homes. One of the services that we offer is concrete overlays for patios, garages, driveways, sidewalks, and pool decks.   An overlay is the process of applying another concrete-based product over the top of an existing surface.  Overlays beautify an existing surface with a new texture and color. We offer a variety of designs and materials to give clients the ability to personalize their outdoor space to match their style. Choose us for the most versatile and skilled contractor near Frisco, TX.

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Pool Deck concrete overlays near Frisco

Surface overlay products are a professional way for people in Frisco to update the look and feel of an existing pool deck, driveway, covered patio, or pathway.   If you want to add more surface area to your patio, overlays can be applied after and allow the whole area to match!


No. Existing cracks will always come back through the overlay the next time the ground under the concrete moves.

Resurfacing patios and sidewalks is a cost-effective way to improve the appearance and durability of your concrete surfaces. It can also help to hide minor cracks and imperfections. Various resurfacing materials are available, including concrete overlays, micro toppings, and stamped concrete. Each material has advantages and disadvantages, so choosing the right one is essential.

The resurfacing process typically begins with cleaning and preparing the surface. This may involve removing any existing paint, sealers, or debris. Once the surface is clean and prepared, the resurfacing material is applied. The specific application process will vary depending on the material used.

Once the resurfacing material has been applied, allowing it to cure correctly is essential. This may take several days, depending on the material. Once the curing process is complete, your patio or sidewalk will be ready to use and enjoy.

Here are some of the benefits of resurfacing patios and sidewalks:

  • Improves the appearance of your concrete surfaces
  • Extends the life of your concrete surfaces
  • Hides minor cracks and imperfections
  • Can be customized to match your existing décor
  • More cost-effective than replacing your concrete

Orange peel texture, smooth trowel, rock stamped and patterned stamped.

Mastic is a flexible caulk water barrier that should be replaced if it shows any signs of ware or cracks.

Yes we do!  We have completed many projects including concrete resurfacing for clients in and near Frisco, TX.

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