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Sunstone Pools & Outdoor Living is a custom pool builder that designs and builds incredible pools and outdoor living spaces for clients in Allen, Texas. Sunstone Pools is a leader in pool and outdoor living design. Our experienced team helps create beautiful, functional custom pools and outdoor living spaces. Each project is tailored specifically for the customers’ needs and preferences from the initial concept to the finished product. We use only the highest quality materials guaranteed to withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring that our customers get maximum enjoyment from their investment for years to come.

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Sunstone Pools & Outdoor Living is a trusted and experienced pool company. Looking for a high-quality, reliable, custom pool builder in Allen, TX? Look no further! Sunstone Pools is the premier provider of custom-designed and built inground pools for clients in Allen, Texas. Our talented pool builders have decades of experience helping customers create their dream oasis right in their backyard. Sunstone Pools can help you achieve an outdoor living space that will be enjoyed for years by combining high-quality materials, attention to detail, and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

Sunstone Pools brings a professional, innovative approach to custom pool construction and design. For over 20 years, we have been creating backyard oases in Allen, TX, and throughout central Texas. We understand the importance of being cost-effective while delivering superior results that reflect your vision and fit your budget.

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Custom Pools Allen, TX

Sunstone Pools & Outdoor Living designs and builds custom inground pools for clients in Allen. We work with you to create a plan based on your desires. What features do you want for your pool? 

Pool Remodeling & Renovations Allen, TX

If your pool needs a facelift, we can provide you with pool renovations or restorations in the Allen, TX area. We can do pool remodeling, from structural changes to simple resurfacing. 

Pool Cleaning Service Allen, TX

Keep your pool in pristine condition with the most reliable pool service company in Allen. We offer a weekly pool cleaning service that allows you to spend less time cleaning and spend more time swimming. 

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Request a free consultation with our pool and spa design experts to discuss options for your luxurious new inground swimming pool or your outdoor living space.  Your new pool can include many different options including a sun shelf, bubblers, vanishing edges, a lazy river and more!  Financing is available for pools.

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Inground Pools & Spas with Luxurious Features for Allen, TX

Sunstone Pools & Outdoor Living remains at the forefront of technological advances, state-of-the-art systems, and high-tech solutions to consistently craft nationally-lauded, award-winning poolscapes that operate virtually trouble-free. Sunstone Pool’s forward-thinking philosophy has positioned the company as one of the most proactively safety-conscious companies in the country.

Sunstone Pools & Outdoor Living can help you make the right decisions for your pool’s environment, specific to your needs and wants. Controls. Lighting. Landscaping. Water features, including sprays and fountains. Toys, such as aqua volleyball or basketball, slides and a whole lot more. Be sure to ask how we can enhance your pool and reflect your lifestyle. Sunstone Pools promises to understand the exclusive relationship that exists between you and our company, and to be mindful that both parties’ needs, expectations, and shared goals are established and managed with responsibility, courtesy, and distinction. Our unique ability to maintain, repair, and renovate your pool after completion allows our relationship to flourish for the duration of your pool ownership—and beyond. Let Sunstone Pools & Outdoor Living create your dream backyard.

Swimming Pool Features in Allen, TX

The residential backyard swimming pool has long been an evolving art form. Bringing the family-friendly amenities from tropical resorts and waterparks home has been the homeowners’ quest ever since the first backyard pool was constructed. Taking their cues from architecture and nature, the forms of swimming pools run from the rectangle to the freeform, from the geometric to the kidney shape. Modern iterations of the backyard resort embrace fantastic features like infinity edges (also referred to as negative edges and vanishing edges), waterfalls, fire features, tanning ledges, and lazy rivers.

Water Features

The sound of running water has long been thought of as therapeutic. Waterfalls have captured the imagination of artists, architects and poets throughout the ages. It is no wonder that backyard swimming pools have had running water incorporated into the design from the beginning. Whether a sheer descent feature, rock waterfall, bubbler jet, laminar flow jet, deck jet, bollard jet, raised wall or myriad variants of the aforementioned features, the water feature provides a soothing aesthetic to the backyard environment.


Waterfalls occur in nature when iceberg melt drops over the edge of rock formations, or in the upper course of a river. Niagara Falls might be the most powerful falls in the country, but these naturally occurring wonders appear everywhere in the world in virtually unlimited configurations. The most famous use of a waterfall in architecture may be Falling Waters by Frank Lloyd Wright, but backyard designers have incorporated these features into backyards for decades. Utilizing both natural and artificial materials and structures, waterfalls can enhance the design and provide ambient noise when necessary.

Fire Features

Nothing creates drama like a fire feature. One of the basic elements of the ancients, fire has long captivated the imaginations of humans going back nearly 2 million years. Adding a controlled fire feature into a decorative bowl, inside a waterfall, in strategically placed strips on a pool deck, in a fire pit, or in a fireplace can make any backyard design simultaneously warm, inviting, and dramatically exciting.