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Infinity Edge Pools in DFW

Infinity Edge Pools have become increasingly popular in Dallas for various reasons. With an infinity edge pool, a smaller body of water usually follows the shape of one edge of one or two of the outer lines of the main pool body outer lines. This infinity edge is commonly finished with a ceramic or glass tile. An open view from the backyard creates the illusion that the pool continues out into infinity – hence, its name. The advantage of infinity edge pools is the calming waterfall effect achieved when water draws from and returns to the lower tank after proper hydraulic sizing by a booster pump. Infinity Edge Pools offer many unique benefits to homeowners in Dallas and should be considered if you’re looking for something new to add beauty and value to your backyard!

Infinity Edge Pools have a smaller pool connected to them at a lower elevation.  These smaller bodies of water usually follow the shape of one edge of one or two of the outer lines of the main pool body.  The infinity edge part of the pool is formed with either a forward or reverse negative edge that slopes either toward the lower tank or back toward the main pool body.  The infinity edge is most commonly finished off with a ceramic or glass tile.  With backyards with an open view, looking out across the top of the water makes it appear as if the pool continues out into the horizon forever.  The additional advantage of infinity edge pools is the waterfall effect.  After proper hydraulic sizing is performed, a booster pump draws water from the lower tank and returns it to the main pool until the upper pool overflows into the lower pool.  As water flows over the infinity edge, it causes a glistening visual effect as the water flows over the edge and down the face of the infinity edge wall.  Some infinity edge pools have a fire pit or other seating area space around the lower pool so that they can enjoy the waterfall effect.